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Full Version: Hey Hey , From Calgary Canada
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Thought I would post up an intro here .

Name is Ted , Crawler Ted on most forums .
I started Teds Garage and the Calgary Crawlers rock crawling club .
Im a crawler guy but I also mess around with all other types of rc's too .

Im pretty green with the drift scene but havin fun trying , lol
Messin around with my Sprint 2 Flux right now .
Not sure if im going to mod it at all or just jump into a different chasssis .

Im pretty much an Rc Addict , looking to share my Rc obsession with other people through pics and video .
Check out my YouTube channel for all kinds of Awesome Rc vids . http://www.youtube.com/user/CrawlerTedsGarage?feature
Join me on Facebook,,
Hit me on Twitter , https://twitter.com/crawlerted
Welcome to the forum
wussup ted, welcome
Hey dude! Welcome to the forums!
hidey ho