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Full Version: Hyundai Genesis Coupe
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Feels good to finally put this thread up here. I think I've sent r2, asiatees, and matrixline 500 emails concerning the lack of stock on this body. BUT!! R2 hobbies has come through and my Genesis body is in the mail. If any of you know anything about this body is that it has been nearly impossible to find since like mid last year or longer. Update to come as soon as it hits my doorstep:)
nice! did they do another run of bodies, or just source one from a previous run for you?
(05-22-2014, 10:28 AM)wareagle84 Wrote: [ -> ]nice! did they do another run of bodies, or just source one from a previous run for you?

I believe they ran some more but a very limited amount. I'm just glad i was able to snag one before they were all bought up.
we have them in stock, i believe we still have 2
Its finally arrived!! Time to get started on this soon to be awesome build. But first I need some help deciding which direction I would like to go with this rare body. Below are a couple of gen coupes i'd like this build to be "inspired" off of. Can you help me decide?

Right of the box:
[Image: IMG_20140603_214234_zpsf2bb278f.jpg]

Shane's 2011 Gen. Coupe:
[Image: dsc_0144_zpsa9d61cc6.jpg]

Canibeat Gen. Coupe:
[Image: canibeatgenesis_zpsf8040054.jpg]

Rendering of a Gen. Coupe:
[Image: 2013-hyundai-genesis-coup-14_600x0w_zpsb92dffd2.jpg]

And my personal favorite....

JonJon's 2010 Gen. Coupe:
[Image: gencoupe_zpse612bae1.jpg]
[Image: 911_zpsa3963d07.jpg]
Jon Jon ftw
i suggest you do the opposite, as jon jon a;ready did a replica of his real genesis, the white and canibeat looks sexy..
Cut out and mounted. Waiting on some stealth mounts to come in so I don't have to put holes in this beautiful body. Still haven't decided but either Shane's Genesis or JonJon's. Surprises coming soon!!
[Image: IMG_20140604_203141544_zpssbxwigh_edit_1...cdflf3.jpg]
Hi Tyson... I like the black parts on the white one, maybe swap the white with some bleu?
A little update for today. Got my new MST wheels in for the build, needs some shoes. Cut the opening for the grill to let cool air get to the motor. Got to finish mocking up the rear diffuser and grill. Ready to be painted tomorrow. Due to my modifications the body will have to be painted from the outside using tamiya aqua wave. Stay tuned for this build guys!!!

[Image: IMG_20140608_162124502_HDR2_zpsimubfrod.jpg]
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