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Full Version: Hello everyone
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Long time reader first time poster ;)

I'm called Sebastien I live in Quebec/Canada.

We have a small track here and we drift everyweeks ;)

I begin drifting with a HPI srint 2 witch I really add steering angle.

The specs was :

HPI Sprint 2 Sport
Carbon upper plate
Carbon lowr plate
Carbon Shock towers
CS setup (Can't rememebr how much lol)
Spectrum 3300
Castle creation 4600kV
Castler creation sidewinder V2

But i was bored with this machine so new setup :
MST MS-01D Pro
2.0 CS
Xerun 120A ESC
Xerun 6.5T 5200kV
Spektrum 3300
Spektrum DX3R

Waiting for some hoppups ;)

so this is bassicaly it.

btw I'm french ;)