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Full Version: Hello from SoCal!
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Hello members! Names Alex just stopping by and saying hello, found the forum from searching for about. currently been in and out of the hobby but stayed in touch looking about, but got back again after seeing the drift videos and some speed hunter articles and it amazed me what's out there...currently I'm scratch building a rotary engine and currently working on a D LIKE rx7 body hopefully i will get thru it and see the project finish soon!
Wassup. Welcome

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Thank you all for the welcome!
Welcome to DM look forward to your rotary build
(06-06-2014, 05:17 PM)rudeboy03 Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to DM look forward to your rotary build

I've been planning it since forever, but never got around to it, till now I decided to take the challenge, yea I'm a die hard rotary fan but it's about time someone does it...