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Full Version: Hello, need some help!
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Hello all, new to drifting not to the hobby. Interested in purchasing MST ms-01d pro kit. Could I get some pointers on where to order from, hobby best on eBay has the kit, also rcrollers. How reliable are these over seas distributors. I had had also seen that black star hobbies out of Florida has them on there site. Any response and or help on where to order this kit from would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
got the rtr kit off hobbybest's ebay page. No problems here, quick shipping to the west coast.
Hey man, thanks for the reply.
Hobbybest is pretty decent.

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Alright thanks guys, will be ordering from them tonight. Will keep you all posted on the progress.
So I got in touch with Black Star hobbies, and they had the ms-01d pro kit, the newer model with all CF upper and lower parts. I ordered it and it came in three days,and I'm in Delaware. place seems pretty legit. Pretty nice i didn't have to deal with over seas shipping. Anyone interested in mst chassis or parts check them out.