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Full Version: tt01 newbie
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what's up driftmission guys?

my name is ben and I'm attending a university in California. heres my little rc car backstory for anyone that actually cares hahaha. when I was younger, I spent a lot of time with RC cars. started off in xmods Sick and then spent a long time with nitro off road cars. I eventually got a tt01d and one of my buddies followed with basic shaft drive yokomo. unfortunately, this purchase came at a bad time as soon after my time was being concentrated elsewhere on more "important" things haha. In the past few months my buddy with the yokomo and a bunch of other new friends from back home got back into rc drifting. (FYI, im super obsessed with cars and drifting outside the rc world too. I drive a zenki ae86 coupe ^^ ) so while they have been playing with their cars and modding them, I've been stuck here at school. but it has given me a lot of time to lurk the forum here. and ive learned A LOT. this weekend, my friend with the yokomo is coming up to visit his brother and me at school (his bro and I are roommates) and he has dug my tt01d out of a closet in the garage of my parents house haha. so now that I'm about to have the car in my hands again, I figured it was time to make an account and record my journey through the world of RC drifting just as many of you have.

i'll be getting into the more technical stuff about my tt01 in the chassis discussion sections and what not.

cant wait to be a part of the forum!
Welcome to DM!

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Welcome to dm

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Welcome. The journey has just begun

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