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Full Version: hello from italy
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Hello guys, I'm a young guy from italy, practical rc drift for several years now, though not all continuous, and now after a break of a few years back and I find the rwd, so I decided to readjust the My old frame hb cyclone for this new discipline, here I leave a link.


Now I open it here on the forum.

Sorry for the English: P
Welcome to DM.
I just looked at your build and it's pretty impressive.
You put some really good work into that chassis.
I don't see no gyro though? you're going gyroless?
Welcome to dm

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Thanks guys, yes for now i don't use gyro, but i have, I'm waiting for Hobbyking send me a better servo, probably lost to the post office :(
i am checking rc drift italia forums sometimes even i practically dont speak italian (except ordering some food and so on). great stuff over there...
Welcome to DM!! Nice chasis ;)
Thanks to all for the welcome :D