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Full Version: New to RC from West Covina
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Hello everyone my name is Bryan from Project-G out here in Southern California. Just got into RC drifting about a month ago and thoroughly enjoying it! Right now I'm running a Sprint 2 Flux RTR with a FOW, 21T rear gear with a locked diff, 5.5x180 rear belt cut to 4mm. Working on that countersteer! I'll post pics when I get the chance. Just thought I'd introduce myself. Here's a couple pics I had floating around on my phone. Thanks again!

[Image: ajybujan.jpg]
[Image: ubamabet.jpg]
[Image: 2egupupa.jpg]
[Image: 3usegase.jpg]

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Welcome to DM
Welcome to dm

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Thanks for the welcomes! We just had our first test session with SpeedJunkies at the shop this weekend. Things look good! I'll try to keep you guys posted of events here on the forum. Blew my engine this weekend. That's probably what I get for being a cheapo on Craigslist. Anyways I ordered a new setup which will hopefully be here before Wednesday so I can get some time at Cal Raceway!

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