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Full Version: HI NOOB HERE!!!
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Hello, my name is Daniel and I have been drifting at a pretty amateur level for over a year now with my trusty TT-01R and I have recently purchased a Sakura d3 cs. I am a little bit of a shell maniac and have quite a few mostly japanese shells, I have a rather beaten up 190mm tamiya mazda rx7, a 190mm tamiya supra, a 200mm abc hobbies subaru legacy touring wagon, a 200mm r2hobbies ripoff yokomo s15, and a hpi 65 mustang gt350. I prefer drifting to curciut racing based on the less restrictive rules here in Australia on the class as a whole. I will be sure to post some pictures of my shells up in the following days, but for now here is what I have, enjoy =)
hey another aussie awesome where abouts are you from in our wide brown land lol
I'm also a proud D3 owner. I wont pull out my pics lol rob