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Full Version: Indoor Chicago Drift Track-NW Side- 8miles east of O'hare
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Since Al's closed down, Midwest Slidewayz has now moved to Chicagoland Toys and Hobbies. About a 20 x 30ft area, fresh painted epoxy floor some chips/dips and lines which we still need to fill. We have a mix of tetsujin/garden barriers with turf/scenery lining the track. Members are updating the track with more and more scenery every week, just got some new scale nobori flags in for the hobbyshop and group.

Track hours:

M-TH 3:30-6pm
F 3:30-8:30pm
S 10am-5pm

$10 all day
Bathrooms on site
Power/tables/chairs provided
Air compressor for blowing epoxy dust off

Tons of food places nearby, lodging as well
10min from O'Hare (no traffic)
15min from Downtown (no traffic)

Pictures from this past Friday

[Image: 14430732465_2115707418_c.jpg]7 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14429388652_78bdb497bb_c.jpg]16 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14430707315_b20f101a64_c.jpg]15 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14244263297_113fa8669d_c.jpg]13 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14244119990_4a02a71a17_c.jpg]12 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14244081469_e047acc11f_c.jpg]9 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14430724225_333be90bc7_c.jpg]10 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14450912143_f9d4af9c48_c.jpg]8 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14244138260_ef87dda369_c.jpg]6 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14407614956_c8fdacfd7c_c.jpg]5 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14244290057_8397df28a8_c.jpg]4 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14427384001_6e6df74678_c.jpg]3 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14244299047_f6ecc4a10c_c.jpg]1 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14430724225_333be90bc7_c.jpg]10 by cjedd, on Flickr

Video taken 2 weeks ago before the full extension and scenery added.

So yea if your in town come check out/drift the track. Ill have a updated video up soon
Damn we need this by me!!

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Sick! I'm 10 min from Ohare, what are hours of operation?
Track hours:

M-TH 3:30-6pm
F 3:30-8:30pm
S 10am-5pm

I believe it may be closed till this Thursday 6/19. I'll give them a call tomorrow to find out. We may have a group drifting Friday, should come out!
The track will be up Friday
Is the track closed on Sunday?
yes, shop opens on Sundays in October.

Some action from today, 4 people came out

[Image: 14397061639_4198785093_c.jpg]_MG_8323 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14560610556_ce06564687_c.jpg]_MG_8333 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14583651845_38c54e8d5d_c.jpg]_MG_8335 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14581841294_3edd9276e6_c.jpg]_MG_8413 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14397044158_99f5ce6d3d_c.jpg]_MG_8431 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14580330601_3490960a3f_c.jpg]_MG_8453 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14582917802_cbb46c3287_c.jpg]_MG_8454 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14397040578_11c9d208c5_c.jpg]_MG_8464 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14582914492_1d76e6a071_c.jpg]_MG_8465 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14583641725_c205cf2393_c.jpg]_MG_8467 by cjedd, on Flickr

[Image: 14397034438_6e24fd9bc9_c.jpg]_MG_8468 by cjedd, on Flickr
Finally got a chance to check out this track. Cool layout and even cooler group of guys. Nice meeting yall, I'll be back next Sat with the R31 hopefully.
Awesome meeting you today that MST 2wd fooled me LOL! I thought it was a sprint2 :P
Haha great! Then I accomplished what I set out to do. Thats my sleeper chassis. Too bad I was driving like crap though!
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