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Full Version: Hello from Seattle
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Thought I'd introduce myself here. New to the site but not new to drifting! I've been messing around with R/C for a while and am usually over on the scale 4x4 forums. Mostly drift a TT01 (yes its lower end but man can it take a beating and I'm nostalgic) and will be working on changing it to RWD since I like the look of an R/C doing what the real things do! I've already learned quite a bit perusing these forums and can't wait to learn more and help others as I try to figure some things out myself!

Cheers and keep drifting fun!

Hey man! Welcome to DM!

RWD TT-01? That's ballsy. Keep us updated man. Feel free to post up a write-up in the Tamiya chassis section or a run-on project thread in the WIP section. I love seeing RWD builds and the crazy things people do to get that angle needed for RWD.

Have fun man!