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Full Version: G'day from Darwin Australia
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G'day guys,

Just got back into the R/C game after a few years off.
Started drifting way back with a Sprint 2 and a brushed motor. Started getting the hang of it but never had the time and money to get right into it.
Different story this time around.
Got a Sprint 2 again but lots of hop ups are going into this one. Plan on maybe going a little overboard. :)
Already have a brushless motor and speedy to go in. Lots of carbon and ally upgrades to plan as well.

Any other Aussies on here?

Well, I'm a Kiwi but I live in Aus at the moment :P

Have they started locking the rear diffs in the sprint 2 yet? It doesn't look that way so that would be the first thing I would do before chucking any money at it.
Also use some heavy oil in the front diff (or lock it) or perhaps get a front one way if you plan on CS later on.

Otherwise, welcome to DM :) even though I am a newbie too lol.
(06-23-2014, 06:01 AM)Drift Jim Wrote: [ -> ]Any other Aussies on here?

too many! Devil most aren't as close to Japan as you though
(06-23-2014, 10:47 AM)tamiya Wrote: [ -> ]too many! Devil most aren't as close to Japan as you though

Lol I think I set that record. I am posting from a drift track in japan right now.


Yea a locked rear diff is essential for good long slides. A front one way is also good but if you are not going into CS it's not necessary.

Look up some mods to increase your steering angle. I don't know many off the top of my head but some quick browsing of the forums will turn up many easy mods you can do.
Thanks for the welcome...

Just to show my noobness... what do you mean by cs?
CS = countersteer - the idea is to overdrive the rear wheels (or underdrive the front... lol) so that they spin faster and push the rear out allowing you to actually drift with countersteer/opposite lock.

When you drift 50/50 you very seldom use opposite lock and it doesn't look as convincing.

Countersteer drift is generally slower than 50/50 and it makes more technical track sections easier because of that.

Countersteer can also be set anywhere from mild settings like 1.4 or 40% up to more extreme settings like 2.0 or 100%. Ten you just keep going higher until you end up full RWD which seems to be taking over these days.
To add to what Chickenman said,

50/50 chassis generally get into a radius and follow that radius until a steering input is made. It's just the way the chassis handles.
I'm liking the sound of CS :D

All in good time. Just need to get my feel for drifting back first. Pretty sure I'm going to have more than one car soon enough too.