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Full Version: Texas Drifter here
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Hey everybody, I have limited knowledge about RC and everything associated with RC. I got into drifting RC cars back in 2004, but not in detail. Being in the states I simply bought the first electric 4WD touring car I could get my hands on. Which was a TRAXXAS 4tec which was somewhat modded. I put a smaller tooth center pulley for the front, locked the rear and put ABS tires on it. Ran that set up for a few months before graduating High School.

Put the remote down until now. I have a used Sprint 2 FLUX headed my way and very happy to have drift mission as a resource.

My plan is to put away ten dollars everytime I spend more than one hour drifting the Sprint 2 FLUX.
It is like proving that I am serious about getting into the RC drift life.

Now at this time I am thinking that after the 25 hours I will get the ' Alloy & Carbon SAKURA D3 CS 1/10 4WD Drift Racing Car Frame Kit ' and put all the electronics from my Sprint 2 onto that chassis. But they may change in the next few weeks. Thanks to this forum I did some research on that frame kit and it seems that it is a clone. But everyone that has gotten it stands behind it.
enjoy bro. it is a fun hobby.
Welcome... hey im from baytown. I too rockin' the D3. Everyone here is good about bouncing ideas back and forth.