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Full Version: New Guy Checking In
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Whats up Guys. Name is Chris and live in the Kansas City Area. Completely new to drifting and wanting to get into it. Currently have a Sprint 2 Flux that i am playing around with but won't be using for my drift setup. Looking to go MST when i get to that point. Kind of still re learning to drive first.

Had an old HPI Nitro that i blew up back in the day and shelved it and driving to take on RC Helicopters, which i still fly. But due to a coworker, got back into cars and boy i am happy i did, although i am neglecting my helicopters now... Hopefully in the next few months I will have my drift chassis to begin working on. Looks like this is going to be a killer resource to have for help. Thanks for having me!

welcome to DM.