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Full Version: Whats up from Southern California!
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Hey people, new to the forums here. Ive been wanting to get on an RC forum for while but I couldnt find the right one. This one seems to be the best choice. Ive just started drifting maybe 8 months ago. I only have one chassis, HPI Sprint 2 with an upgraded 8.5 Turn Hobbywing Brushless motor and ESC combo. Upgraded metal gear servo. and some upgraded shocks and springs. Nothing too major. Still 50/50 although i have been wanting to go CS to try it out. I have been mostly concentrating on bodies. I love making bodies and seeing them slide! Im practicing my cutting/painting/steady hand on HPI bodies so in case I do mess up, I wont feel as bad as spending $80 for a japanese body. Ill post my bodies on the body section.

Thanks for your time and I look forward on posting here!
welcome to DM
Welcome to DM, alamazan. :) I'm looking forward to seeing your body shell work.