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Full Version: New guy from England!
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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum here. I'm Panda, I live in Norwich in England. I'm fairly new to drifting, although I'm on my third drifter (2 of them were failed projects in a sense.) I own a Schumacher SST but am looking at getting a Yokomo DIB at some point! :D

Anyway, my past two drift cars were a Tamiya TB-01, which sucked! ended up getting a snapped driveshaft and decided I didn't want it as it was way to heavy, didn't drift consistently and had tons of play due to it being a million years old with a million hours of use! Then after that came an Alex Racing Design Barracuda, that was brilliant until I ended up breaking the rear outdrives and was never able to get any spares whatsoever for it. I was drift carless for some time until this Schumacher SST showed up on eBay. Quick search showed I could still get parts for it! ended up winning it for £20!

So the Schumacher is my drifter and I have a choice of two bodies, my drift missile style Subaru Impreza:


And my favourite, the Scannia drift recovery lorry:


And here is my chassis, Nothing special though:


So then, what do you guys think? You guys can also keep up with some of my stuff and my friends drift project over on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RcHobbiesNorfolkuk
Nice subi but I love the truck body.
Welcome to DM! :)
(07-30-2014, 07:56 PM)rudeboy03 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice subi but I love the truck body.

Thanks buddy! :D
The truck body is my favourite too, everybody loves it! I've finally finished getting it to sit properly so I can take it to an event where I'm sure my buddy will be bring his Breaking Bad inspired RV body to drift with me! ^^