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Full Version: new-ish from dallas
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post whoring to get my count up.

i started out with a nitro 4-tec 50/50 drifting on pvc pipe tires. got bored of it breaking and got out of rc for a couple years.

slash 4x4 short course truck got me back in. at my local hobby shop i kept eyeballing the carpet track.

i pretty much had my truck maxed out with parts so i got an xray t3 '12. i practiced VTA class and got bored after i got the hang of it. (xray's are indestructible at this power level, never broke a single part for MONTHS...technically still havnt, i mean due to driver error. obviously belts/bearings wear out)

i got a tamiya f104 wide. ive got the hang of it for the most part but i needed something else that wouldnt break as much.

threw some hpi t-drifts on the xray and 50/50 gets old real quick. i cs'ed it a pulley at a time. first was a smaller pulley in the center for the front belt. from hpi sprint, drilled out and ground down thinner and had to grind a place for the pin to spline into it. pain in the ass. also changed to a hpi sprint front belt and no need for a tensioner. next i gutted my rear spool, i just cut the pulley part off the diff. i think the pulley i found was a TLR, just a littler smaller than stock xray. i got lucky, the holes left from cutting the pulley off lined up perfectly with the tlr pulley and the belt offset was the same. my buddy has the sakura d3 and cranked his cs up so i couldnt tandem anymore so i went more cs...only way to do this without chopping/modding the chassis itself is a smaller rear pulley, again. (not willing to cut up a nice xray yet)

i think i calculated out to 197% but thats the most i can go with it. at this point all it needs is a little more steering angle and a front one way but doing this on an xray is somewhat difficult.

i broke down and got the sakura d3 like my buddies. found a carbon/alum on ebay auction, won it for $113 shipped (stole it) another 2-3 weeks minimum before i get to get my hands on it. once it comes in ill put the xray back to stock after snapping some pics of the cs mods i did. i plan to run the xray as usgt class. (really like the bodies you can run and its not too fast for me that ill break everything every time i go out) im really looking forward to getting it back to grip spec and going ape shit on the d3.

mods are my fav thing to do in rc, i like it more than racing sometimes. after looking at my bud's, i think i might get away with fitting a full sized 2s mounted centrally under the upper deck by flipping the servo and making my own link to meet the steering arm. the goal/theory i have is it may help turning/transitioning without it spinning out as bad. cant wait to get it and start contributing to the group.

out of all of the threads ive read here, i have to say this is the best/most well mannered/helpful group ive seen on any forum...and i have a forum for everything i own.
welcome to DM
You lucky for being in the Dallas area, from what I have found most of the Texas drifting happens in the DFW area. Oh, and welcome to DM... get your posts to 50 to vote on the body of the month.
Welcome to DM.
still impatiently waiting for china shipping. for now im working on my mk3 1:1 clone...picture is the 1/10 on my 1:1 hood...i shall call it mini me.
painted trim to match my 89. micro servos should be in tomorrow and ill engineer a hinge assembly.
[Image: 1959310_10201673561199976_1684544289694154747_n.jpg]

idk man, im north dallas and me and a bud cant find much of a scene. now i found info about a track in ftworth and i found em on facebook and posted to their wall but never saw any replies. ill try messaging instead. the "track" we go to is mikes hobby shop. its not an actual drift track but they have polished concrete and we usually drift on the heli-pad/mini plane spot. the carpet there is soaked with traction compound and its way too grippy to drift.

if you know anyone down here please hit me up, mikes is the biggest shop/track we know of and even there we dont see any drifters. we both have our own mini garage layouts but we need a good spot to practice.