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Full Version: ABC Hobby Sileighty
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First post. (^_^)

Inspired by a Japanese street drift car from the early 2000s that was featured in Australian High Performance Imports magazine & DVD.

[Image: P1018372_zps6339a08c.jpg]

[Image: P1018361_zpsee660bbc.jpg]

[Image: P1018367_zpsb622cc2c.jpg]

[Image: P1018358_zps13560f02.jpg]

Tamiya lame flake backed with Tamiya metallic green backed with Tamiya silver. RC-Art East Bear style mirrors, Maruma Factory Hot Road style bumper vent. ABC Hobby body line tape. Various wheels, in proper street drift style. Still need to do lights.
I really like this! Dig the street style bodies. Good job on the wheel fitment as well! Also, awesome color work!
very well done...and taht color is money
Love the look with those te37's.
Love it man looks killa

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Nice!! Abc hobby makes good bodies!!