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Full Version: The new guy from Northern Cali
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Name is Carlo from Vacaville, Ca. Been in the R/C scene for a long time, but with life, new house and a 2 year old little girl. I have been out of the hobby for quite some time. With the influence of a few friends, I am back in the hobby, starting off with my daughters dropped power wheels mini cooper that I converted into an r/c so that I can drive her around without bumping into things. Beats riding in a stroller Lol. Then got a Nitro HPI Savage, a short course truck soon after that.

Getting influence by a couple buddies, a recent trip to the Philippines and visiting Top Secret hobbies while I was out there, I got hooked into the drifting scene. Unfortunately, the drifiting scene out here is not as big as it is in the philippines, or at least in my opinion.

Anyways running an MST xxx-d vip ht chassis topped off with a Matrixline Toyota Hiace body, mirrors, wipers, light kit, MST Bronze TMB wheels and Raikou s30 Tires. Body, body accessories and wheels were bought from Top Secret while I was in the Philippines.

[Image: IMG_1273.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1268.jpg]
Welcome! Rig looks awesome. I'm in Norcal as well, in the East Bay
Welcome to DM! :)
Welcome to DM. Nice ride. I'm from NorCal as well. Way up north in Mendo county.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to DM, also from NorCal here, east bay in Pittsburg. Keep an eye out on the one ten events and team DTF, they get stuff going quite often in the area
welcome to dm