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Full Version: Hi from Melbourne!
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Hi there,

Thought I would come introduce myself.

I am Aaron.
I am from Melbourne, Australia.

Used to drift my TT01, and Yoko MR4-Tc SD.. sold up...


Go check out my build http://forum.driftmission.com/Thread-b00...3-cs-sport

welcome back. nice on that D3 CS sport. i've been eyeing that chassis for a long while...
Welcome. I hope you have a good time here in the forums. :)
hola mexican! :)
Hello to a fellow Mexican.
(08-17-2014, 07:37 AM)tamiya Wrote: [ -> ]hola mexican! :)

(08-17-2014, 08:56 AM)arr see car Wrote: [ -> ]Hello to a fellow Mexican.

Hola esé!

How many Melb homies down here?

East side or West side?
North...lol. I'm up near Shepp. Once I get a little better I hope to get down to Melbourne RC drift arena at least one a month. I just want to be more consistent before I venture down and try tandem and meeting up with fellow drifters to get some tuition on what I'm doing wrong will also come in handy.
Wow, that is very north.

I am out south east in Narre Warren, used to go to Monash heaps,
Il have to wait to get the rest of my stuff and maybe venture out there. Blood 90 mins to drive there though :\
Adrenaline Arena (South Dandenong) are looking at starting up Drifting. That's a little closer to home.
Adrenaline has been talking about it for some while... any progress?

They're quite busy with non-drift RCing though.
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