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Full Version: Greetings from Perth, Australia
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Hey there... I've been lurking for a few weeks, posted just recently and so I thought I'd drop by introduce myself ......... been drifting for a bit now, still new to the game compared to some here but enjoying myself heaps -well that's what it is all about really............................ ;)
welcome! don't worry, not everyone here has been drifting for years and years. plus we all like helping others who enjoy our same hobby get started. if you ever are confused about something your drift car is doing, needing, or if you're just trying to decide what parts you want on your drifter, leave it to driftmission. we'll help you out.
Hey, everyone is once a noob. I kinda am still... Less than one year xD. Enjoy the forums and welcome to DM! Have a great time. You'll see me ALOT though.
the funny thing is I'm more familiar with what goes into drifting a 1:1 car not a 1:10 car haha
Welcome to DM
Welcome. I am still a noob to rc and drifting but I found this site super helpful