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Full Version: New and overwelmed !
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Hi everyone.
I am completly new to RC cars
I have been flying 3d heli for a while, but it simply became too expensive and the club was a bit far to get to
I Thought I will try cars.
Got a touring car and had some fun, espesially on my kithen floor sliding around and then decided I want to drift !
I got a Sakura D3 CS with some upgrades on order and cannot wait to start.

Any advice on a half descent motor/ESC combo
What about reventon pro with 13.5 motor

Thanks for any advice;)
that motor and esc combination will be totally fine for drifting.

you might want to reprogram the throttle curve a bit to get it how you like, and reduce the CS ratio of the D3 for now. besides that, just practice. few motor/esc combos made ofr 1:10 touring cars ever disagree with drifting.

if you want to go RWD, you can as well (it's quite fun) using a gyro (which i'm sure you have a heli gyro you can use in dual-rate mode) and getting modified steering. (there's a bit of weight tuning and suspension tuning involved in making the car more stable but that's fairly simple) the other thing you'll need is to turn down the expo on your esc to smooth out your throttle modulation. a friend of mine uses 20%. others are using 30-40 percent in my locale.
Welcome to the forum.

I am new to my man. I got a DIB RS and the motor esc I went with is the Speed Passion Reventon Pro 8.5T Brushless ESC & Motor Combo.
Great. Thanks. For the advice
How do I reduce the CS ratio. Will this make drifting easier and what are the drawbacks

As far as the gyro, I have one of the new spektrum rx with a build in gyro. sRS 4210
Will this do ?
it will make it easier to drift, though the drawback is that there will be less counter-steering from your steering that can be sustained during a slide before they will pull you and rotate you in the opposite direction (people drifted with 50/50 when it all started, so CS is a newer thing that's done more to simulate realism)
What size gears or pullies do I need to get for the D3 to lower the ratio
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