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Full Version: Wood track (floating)
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anybody made a small floating type track.. let me explain... made out of wood and can be broken down....... so its not permanent but is smooth and work nicely, i got a spare 12m x 12m area outside but its grass i'd like my own track, possible carpet that can be removable etc etc ........... it also can't be permanent....... any idea's?
that's a tuffy one.
Build it with posts. But make it in sections. So like 3x3 sections then just make one a little shorter to accommodate for the carpet ( put extra on the first and 3rd and have them lay on the second ) worked in my head hope it understand
Im thinking you should make sections like Juggernaut said. Make them easy to take apart and put together. Heck, you can even make it like one of those build your own track things with pieces that fit together to make a new track every time. This isn't gonna be a short build. But a long one, good luck.
Hey that works also. Nice job sauce
Modular track, I can dig it!

I use tempered hardboards from Home Depot. They come in 8x4 feet boards and cost about 7 bux each.
Some interesting ideas... ta
Our first track when we started drifting. It was built that way, but it was too big to fold and to small for multiple drivers. We tried everything before doing this. after a year, It went to a full concrete track, a lot bigger but with the same layout. Now, we started our indoor track.

[Image: 1528671_1430339180534322_62201995_n_zpsd33a2d36.jpg]
[Image: 73147_1430339077200999_1685590848_n_zps6c17a228.jpg]
This is what I'm looking at making - switch the floor boards for plywood.

[Image: SleeperCrossa.gif]

[Image: DSC_7011.jpg]

That is 5m x 3m kinda size.

Your looking at four 2.5m x 1.5m sections. Or two 2.5m x 3m sections.
[Image: TRACK1.jpg]

diamentions of that track?
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