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Full Version: S13 Green Lantern
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Hi Guys, my new Body...

Yokomo S13
Speedwaypal Fender

Yokomo s13
SpeedWayPal OS Fender

Back in the 90 ´s

[Image: ro9gc9ok.jpg]

[Image: 4m76bw2j.jpg]

[Image: ud85adq3.jpg]

hier kommt die Farbe gut rüber...

[Image: nrzqhjvr.jpg]

[Image: wk7wlraa.jpg]

[Image: jinrmxf5.jpg]

[Image: kplclbha.jpg]

[Image: ytvlhnm3.jpg]

[Image: 6dwe6jlw.jpg]

[Image: 6m947rnr.jpg]

[Image: av4kp8xb.jpg]

[Image: 9du3pk9o.jpg]

[Image: 2aoeoypd.jpg]

[Image: 6adujtyx.jpg]

see U ...
Nice ride
well done. love those wheels
Beautiful ride! Great color scheme and detail work...
Great looking car, I really like the colored tint & color matched spoiler.

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Looks sweet man, where did you get the stickers?
Like the green lens!!
Thx all...
@ Dr.ift u can get the Stickers here... www.rcda-shop.com
That is badass. I like the black and green color combo.
Green window tint really sets it off. Nice work.
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