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Full Version: KOokiE Kreation S13 WIP
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Still working on it but this is what I got so far:
[Image: imagejpg1_zps33a1c284.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg2_zpsefa995a6.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg2_zpse62fafa0.jpg]
Plans to do a rear under bumper (doing my own custom one) and an interior

Plus my TF-40 got a lil facelift
[Image: imagejpg1_zps3ac2fbc9.jpg]
Awesome body clean paintjob! looking forward to the custom rear bumper
Thx going to get to work on it in the next hour or so (gotta get the kids to sleep)
great body and clean work. In for the final result
Starting to take shape
[Image: image_zps47c47b21.jpg]
[Image: image_zpsf44f7824.jpg]

A lot of work to go
Finally got some more work done on the rear end
[Image: a5dcb80833862c1d68da9a1781d1524b_zpsc276b49f.jpg]
Still more sanding but getting sooo much closer