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Full Version: noob here!!
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sup guys im new to the forum, im from pembroke pines FL and i wanna get in the rc drift scene and looking to purchase my first chassis. I was looking at some mst zakura cs and rwd kits, any imput from u guys would be great!
I am from FL too. welcome aboard....there are many threads about it and many kits to choose. check your preferences.
just check your price preferences, your equipment preferences, drivetrain layout preferences, and you'll probably find a chassis that can meet those preferences.

i'm sure you already know the common ones, FXX-D, D3, r31 RWD, TA05 rwd, ota-r31, mst fs01, Yokomo DIB, etc.
Welcome to DM! There's a lot of chassis to choose from. It all depends on what your looking to spend and what you want to get out of it. My suggestion is to do your research and then research some more, plus we are here to help you when you have narrowed it down some. Good luck
welcome :)
Welcome! Look around, see what fits your price, then choose.
Welcome to DM
So after testing out a few chassis at a local track I've decided not to waste my time with counter steer cars and I'm picking up a mst fxx-d VIP today :)
Welcome to DM