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Full Version: VOLVO 242 - The Swede
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My latest build.. The proportions are pretty bad on this one but I tried to make it as good as possible anyway.
I hope You like it :)

[Image: Volvo240_001_zpsc2630ae1.jpg]

[Image: Volvo240_002_zps588648e3.jpg]

[Image: Volvo240_003_zpse25100c3.jpg]

[Image: Volvo240_004_zpsdfc57be4.jpg]

[Image: Volvo240_005_zps2676fd4a.jpg]

[Image: Volvo240_006_zpsb81734f5.jpg]

[Image: Volvo240_007_zps49861f29.jpg]

[Image: Volvo240_008_zpsc221d020.jpg]
Where can I get that body??
Love it! Very Cool!
very nice!!!
Awesome build, dredda! Very similar to the real thing. Love that car.
(09-12-2014, 03:45 PM)Fredrik Olastuen Wrote: [ -> ]Where can I get that body??

This body is from D-Expert, some webshops have them.
Thanks guys..

You can also contact D-Expert direct on facebook and order one from there..
sweet body, nice work
Nice job :)
nice work
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