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Full Version: Long Island , NY Noob Drifter here...
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Hello everyone,
Just wanted to get setup on this site, since I just ordered a new TAO5 VDF II Limited Edition. First let me start by saying I have not had a RC Car in about 4 years. I think it was a HPI RS4 - and a FG 1/5th F1. Not really sure why i am getting back into RCing, but im sure ill have fun again. I also been trying to read up on the forums about the changes and WOW there have been many. Anyway see you in the forums, and hopefully at some events across the US since I travel for free... B)
welcome to DM. Nice drifter you have there. VDF are great
Yeah I will let you know when it gets to my front door.... hopefully early next week. It will give me plenty of time to figure out what i need to know about LiPo batteries, and charging them.