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Full Version: Minneapolis, MN New to here and new to drifting
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Hey all,

New to the site and also drifting. I've been running a Kyosho Inferno GT2 nitro on-road car, and a Hotbodies D8 nitro buggy for the last few years. Got back into electric with an Ofna LX2e a few months ago.

Now I've decided to get into drifting, and I ordered a Sakura D3 clone after reading through a lot of reviews and such on it. It will be relatively cheap to get me started, and once I get into it, I'll probably upgrade. But for now, I'm just here to learn and get into this.

Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone and introduce myself. I like what I've seen throughout this site so far.
Welcome to DM!
Thanks, foku5.
Welcome 2 DM
Waiting on my chassis and a few other things. Hardest part is deciding which bodies I'm gonna get. I want a couple different ones, but it's hard to tell if some I want will fit because of the front mount motor. I would like a C6 Corvette, but I've read that most bodies that slope down in front won't work.