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Full Version: Storm Trooper 180sx gp sports
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Here's my latest body I've been working on that will be used on my DRB.   It's close to being finished, but just waiting on wrap up 3d lens decals and d-craft pop up lights.   I blacked out the stock yokomo light buckets in the mean time.   I will also have to redo parts of the panel lines as my fine tipped sharpy was not cooperating.

[Image: DSC01467_zpsd004c0f8.jpg]
[Image: DSC01469_zpsb54719c3.jpg]
I really like your work on this, great job buddy.
Yo. That's dope
Nice!!! All white!!
Looks like a what if a storm trooper was a transformer.love it.great contrast.
thanks for all the great compliments fellas, I'm really honored you guys like it.   I should be updating this after a few days when pop ups and wrap up lens arrive.   Don't know if I want to keep it this very clean simple look or add a couple fatlace or some other decal brands on the windows.