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Full Version: Lets see them EURO Bodies
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Post all your euro drifters
Can I just ask what make that shell is?
looks like tamiya but i may be wrong. tamiya makes some nice BMW bodies
BMW e90 from Tamiya
Cheers. It's the 1:1 car I'm looking at getting next year so I wanted a detailed shell.
Heres my E30. I've had this car for about 3 weeks now, HobbyKing Devil.
here is mine
HPI bmw e30
[Image: e3001.jpg~original]
[Image: e3004.jpg~original]
only a few i see
Liberty Walk 458 and M3
Liberty Walk 458 Work In Progress. Only kit in the states....For now =)

[Image: 20141206_154031_zpsh70ccfx7.jpg]
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