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Full Version: adjustable offset?
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[attachment=248] tamiya 5 spoke adjustable offset wheels. ok i bought these b/c i thought they look cool. my question is how does the adjustability of the offset work on these rims? has anyone seen or used them b4? there was no description on the site.
actually was thinking with a little modification they mite could be turned into a set of spinners; will know for sure when i get them from japan.
you bolt the spokes on either the front or the rear of the rim to get 2 different offsets
thanks. thats what i thought just can't see how from the pic. but i guess i will see when they arrive

(01-12-2013, 01:03 PM)DM-bawt Wrote: [ -> ]you bolt the spokes on either the front or the rear of the rim to get 2 different offsets
They don't work on most newer cars though, as they rub on the suspensionarms. They only work on TT01's, older Tamiya cars and a few other  exceptions.
thanks tizer. well lucky enuf my chassis is the older tto1e. if they fit cool if they don't then am out 10 bucks....lol
They do fit on the TT01(E), so you're good :) You can get them in 2 different sizes aswell, the 26mm which is ~2-4mm offset I think, and the wider 32mm that is ~5-10mm offset. They have a BBS and an OZ rally version too. The OZ's are very rare though, and there's also an R32 Skyline 5 spoke, but thats even rarer.
these are 26mm couldnt find anything over 26mm in the stores i was looking. but thats cool been staring at these 1's and think they mite make a great set of show rims for my whip if they ever restock the hpi alteeza body. didnt really need them yet but they came in 2's and only had 3 sets left so i snatched up a set. like i always say grab them when they got them and not when you need them...haha thanks again tizer
well folks my rims and tires arrived yesterday and that is amazing b/c i ordered them from japan less then 2 weeks ago and they showed up already. still floored they took such a short time getting here. i placed an order from the states a week b4 that and it still hasnt arrived here yet. so then next week i should be seeing my pinions and spurs i ordered.  
if they do then that will be the clincher to keep my orders coming from japan and not the US
any parts i've ordered through Japan , China , Hong Kong , or any other Asian country have come much faster then from ordering in the states... and I live in Canada.
Most of what I order through japan I try to get EMS. 3 day shipping is nice

I honestly can't stand US based shipping anymore. UPS 5day is more expensive then usps 3 day or EMS 3 day
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