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Full Version: ABC Silvia S13 Aero Custom
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I finished the danish championship finale with a bit of an issue. My trusty Onevia was falling apart, and I had yet another event to do. So what happened next?
Keeping up with my tradition of running green and checkered Silvias, I had to paint a new one up before leaving for Norway.
In the end, I decided to get the new ABC Bari Bari custom PS13, which has to be the most awesome shell I've ever worked on. The level of details is amazing.

Enjoy! :)

[Image: 518132-bil-yokomo-dib-red-version]

[Image: 518129-bil-yokomo-dib-red-version]

[Image: 518158-bil-yokomo-dib-red-version]

[Image: 518160-bil-yokomo-dib-red-version]

[Image: 518154-bil-yokomo-dib-red-version]
Nice looking shell. Great job on the checkered roof.