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Full Version: Is the forum dead ?
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(topic name is no disrespect)
Hello to the few that have been lurking around this AWESOME forum ! I have notice the large amount of people registered on this forum but see the lack of activity on here. Did i join on the down fall of the forum ? There is so many good topics I want to be apart of but realized half of them are dated back in 2010-2012. =S . Does this mean I'm joining a hobby that is slowly going to die out... Or is forums a theng of the past and people are sticking with social media ? like instagram and facebook.
RC Drifting is definitely not going anywhere, in fact I think it's growing more than ever before with the recent RWD addition and new products we've seen in the past year.
I haven't really noticed a significant drop off in posts or activity, but having been involved in many different levels of many Internet forums over the past 10 years, activity seems to slow down during holidays and especially in a hobby like this where for most, cold weather means a lack of ability to drift or work on bodies and such.
I have noticed less activity lately. But the warmer months usually brings out rc guys from hibernation. I think this time of year is normally quiet. I wouldn't say the forum is dead... just temporarily slowed down.

But don't be fooled, there is a TON of info on here to read and hold you over till the drift junkies awake. I may be one of the few who run in the cold. So long as I can feel my fingers still, Ill slide.
same I does seem a bit slow but other than that everybody tucked away sceaming for new rides bodys stalking new part lines it was like this at other forums too that I was apart of and like rudeboy I also drive in the cold I may look like a eskomo doing it but hey they can have fun to right lol so no worries we are here lurking lol im sure some has to do with work schedules too as for me I maybe have a few hours a day to get on read maybe post that's if I wake up in time to get some good pics before sun goes down if not I have to wait for the weekend but drifting not dead I think its growing ive seen a few new ppl in my town trying it out so that's good cuz I thought I was the only one in my town lol even in rc im still the werid kid that sits at the werid table cuz of what I choice to drive lol
forum postings going towards declining day by day, its busy times, people don't have enough time for hobby and forum postings.
I'm here. Place is happening! Ha
I'll admit I have been slacking off in doing stuff to my rc car but I'm slowly getting the vibe back. Pulled the d3 out to dust it off from the harsh cold and put a good run on the lipo. I even ordered a few aluminum parts for her tehe:) also have alot of money going towards the real car so little by little things will get done!
the hobby is getting stronger actually, but most of us now lurk on facebook and most of the old members on here are on there as well.   I do wish the forums where as active as it was a couple years back.   Still glad there's still plenty that post and lurk on this site.
Sucks i do not have a Facebook, i just recently got a rc IG which is Apexrcdrift
A similar thread was started in the model car section of automotiveforums.com. I've been a member there since about 2002. I took some time off to direct my attention to girls and college, and when I got back into the hobby some 5 or so years later noticed a decline in activity. Someone on that website's thread mentioned people have moved to websites like Instagram and Facebook, posting their photos and joining pages related to such hobbies.

The hobby in Southern California has died, or been dead, over the last couple of years. Websites like Groovydrift and RC drift club (videos still found on YouTube) allowed for a large, very active RC drift community to form. The sites held monthly meets and created competitions with prizes that were (i think) about 5 or so rounds long, taking place in the course of a few months. Aside from that they allowed people to gather, socialize, make friends and create weekly meets around town. Once the hobby slowed down some the websites followed to the point that Groovydrift went down and RCDC followed about two years later. Once the sites went down we were left with the weekly meets people already had formed, but people, including myself, slowly stopped going due to a variety of reasons. I lost touch with everyone I had met and my two chassis have been turned off for the last 3 years. Last week, however, someone on a Nissan website (zilvia.net) posted about a shop that holds RC drifting 7 days a week in the L.A. area. Last night I hit them up and it's very crowded with people with an indoor and outdoor track. One of the head honchos told me it wasn't even as crowded as it gets sometimes. He also asked where I heard about them and asked that I spread the word. If you happen to be in or around the Los Angeles area you should look up SuperG (supergdrift.com) in Baldwin Park. I noticed their Facebook page has a lot of activity since I joined last Thursday.

Like scale modeling, I think the hobby is still there, but people have just moved to other forms of networking. And the interest to get together is also there, but people are just scattered around with no real place, no platform to get together and create events. I've been to the Southern California section of this page and there is some interest in making drift meets but it seems everyone is too far apart to make anything happen; however, last night Super G had a large turn out. It only shows the hobby is still very much alive in my area. People just need to find the sites, or get the word out for those who've already found them.
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