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Full Version: Greetings from Texas
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Hello, I'm Marcus. I'm a 30 year old father of two, and a retired disabled vet. When I was a pup I loved RC and model building. I've always been into tuners and imports. This is my attempt at rekindling my love for the prior two and combine the later. As it stands I have nothing, no rc car, no bodies, no reciever. I'm at the proverbial square one. I joined DM in an attempt to glean some wisdom of seasoned vets. As it stands I'm thinking of getting the HPI Sprint 2 Flux or a Sakura (ff2015 or d3). Is it better to start with a rtr and expand from there? Or is doing it custom the best way. I've saved a bunch of websites with lots of bodies and body kits for once the chassis is handled. I have a fresh clean road in front of my house and at the end of the road is a culdesac so traffic isn't too much of a worry. I've scoured Google to find some local like minded individuals and I've come up with nothing. So if there are some central Texans out there drop me a line.

Also my "buy in budget" is $600.
I like the Sakura FF2015 because it comes with all the aluminum and carbon fiber goodies come stock.
I like the Sprint 2 Flux because it seems reliable, fast, and with a locked rear and 1way front diff, a strong drifter.


Thanks for your time. Marcus
Welcome. I would get eagle racing tt-02 FR-d and put some nice electronics on it. it will still be below 600. its hopped up with carbon, aluminum and its belt and shaft. the best of both worlds. it dritfs right of the box with gyro included.
Hey Marcus, welcome and thanks so much for your service. Are you thinking of going rwd at any time? If so you may just want to hop in with either the tt02/ Eagle racing kit the previous guy mentioned or get an MST Fxx-d s. Either way you can't go wrong. I'm just getting back into rc myself and went with the MST. Good luck man!
welcome !
Thanks for the warm welcome, and the tips. Is the eagle racing tt01 a modified tamiya chassis?

Also, I don't know how possible it is, but I'd like to keep 4wd because with a couple mins of tuning I could run a fast laps in a parking lot. I suppose versatility is the word I'm looking for. Is it possible to keep a backup non-locked rear diff? I plan on running a clean "tucked" look with minimal camber angle. Basically I want 1 car to do all the things. I understand I'm difficult.

Thanks for your time. Marcus
Welcome! I'm new as well, checking out the scene in San Antonio.
5lide One Two Drift Crew out of Austin Texas...we got our own personal garage drift track...you can come check it out...we can set you up with a nice chassis and have extra chassis for you to play with until you decide! Shoot me a message if your interested.
Pm sent

Sprint 2 is a great chassis for some fun with (I own 4 now lol), you'll be very happy with it and as you get more into drifting you have plenty of options for upgrades etc if you want more out of it.  

We're doing a sprint 2 drift build series at Afro RC if you're interested you can follow along.  Swapping out diffs/suspension is 10-15  minutes if you're wanting to go back and forth from grip to drift.  
Welcome Marcus. Good to see RC drifting is alive in Texas. There's a possibility I'll be moving over there this summer and was wondering how big the interest was. I might be moving to Lubbock (I think thats how you spell it).
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