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Full Version: Mitchell's MST FXX-D VIP
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As I really loved the way my MST FXX-D S has drifted, I decided to buy a VIP version of this chassis.

First some aluminium upgrades arrived:

[Image: vip_01.png]
[Image: vip_02.png]
[Image: vip_03.png]

Yesterday I finally received the chassis:

[Image: vip_04.png]

Some unboxing photos:

[Image: vip_05.png]
[Image: vip_06.png]
[Image: vip_07.png]
[Image: vip_08.png]

I disassembled the whole chassis to learn it and install upgrades by the way. Below you can find some of reassembly photos:

[Image: vip_09.png]
[Image: vip_10.png]
[Image: vip_11.png]

Chassis reassembled, upgrades installed, electronics on board:

[Image: vip_12.png]

Some details:

[Image: vip_13.png]
[Image: vip_14.png]
[Image: vip_15.png]

I know that's not the cleanest build ever, but due to some electronics I had to use a lot of wires. Tried to mask them as I could...
At this stage chassis is almost complete. To finish it I need HT alum. rear uprights and  wire clamps.

Today I did a setup. Really corrected only a few things:
- I increased caster using all attached upper arm spacers
- I mounted carbon damper support extension at rear arms
- I changed oil to MST 100 at all dampers
- I changed damper mounting positions (all holes are measured from center of the chassis) - FT: 3rd, FB: 1st, RT: 5th upper,  RB - at damper suport
- I changed all tires to MST CS-R yellow (I'm running on polished concrete)
- I set gyro sensitivity to 0 (LSD 2.0 has -100  to +100 range)
- Rest of setup is stock

After that, all I can say is that this chassis is amazing! I only need to correct my S-version-learned drifting style a bit, as this chassis is a lot heavier and more stable, but I'm really impressed by its capabilities!

I hope that you'll like the results of my job.
Excellent build!!!
nice. How's your wallet?
(03-31-2015, 10:13 PM)whey Wrote: [ -> ]nice.  How's your wallet?

Clearly eye candy for those of us wanting a FXX-D VIP very nice.