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Full Version: Hello from Straya!
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Hi all,

My name is Kurt, I'm not new to rc drifting, but i am new to belt driven cars.

I have been looking at getting back into it since a mate has bought one.
Im leaning towards the purchase of a MST ms01d RTR, they seem like the best value for money and not to mention every good thing i have read on forums.
My previous car was a TT01 with multiple hop ups and a Hobbywing XERUN 10.5 system, but it took a fair bit of money to get it there.
I don't really want to go back to a TT01 seeing as a RTR is $50 less than the MST but requires that in immediate upgrades( alloy shaft, drift tires) and i want to give Belt drive and CS a go.

BUT due to the hours i work and my location, drifting in carparks and my driveway is pretty much my only option. indoor carpet tracks are at least an hour and a half drive, and are only open when i am working.

Would the MST be able to take it, or would i be shredding belts and pulleys quite regularly?
Whenever we go to our local underground carpark (semi polished concrete) we always take a broom with us and sweep the area the best we can.