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Full Version: I'm a godamn fool!
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Hello people of driftmission!

I recently got hooked on rc drifting when I recieved a madspeed driftking 1/10 scale car. I began practicing, reading random forum posts and envoloping my life in the world of rc drifting.

Eventually I decided to go ahead and spend a decent ammount to build one of my own. I rigged up a sakura D3 with a yeah racing 10.5T motor , hobbywings Xtrem stock quickness Brushless ESC, OMG high speed .05sec servo, and a Sanwa MT4-2.4G 2.4GHz Radio Set RX-461 Receiver.

Issues im having:

1.car is an untamable beast ... it will stay straight as long as I don't touch the steering otherwise one touch and its doing a 360. (I am using the Sakura D3 stock wheels)

2. When I hold a decent drift it refuses to correct at the end of the drift (i could have the steering locked the opposite direction and it just spins the other way)

3. Since I am just learning i want to be able to reverse. I am unsure which progam card will be compatable with my ESC. I looked it up and the Hobbywing 3 In 1 Professional Multifuction LCD Program Box was what came up, but my ESC isn't listed in the compatable ESC's.

4. My MST LSD 2.0 RS Gyro For 1/10 RC Drift Car quite litterally does nothing. Ive followed instructions and it seems to respond to the set up, but when i hold the car and move it right and left nothing happens.

I would humbly accept any tips tricks and experienced advice anyone has to offer. Ive spent plenty of time and money on this project and i would just like some good results.

Sorry for the light novel
are you running RWD or CS? if your'e running CS, no need to bother with the gyro. what you do need is a Front one-way which for right now i'm going to assume you have. if you're having these issues and you've got a front 1-way, then you'll want to bring down your CS ratio with new center pulley gears. you'll also want to get the higher-angle steering rack, high angle cvd's bothf rom 3racing for your front end.

and if you really feel like you need the gyro, then for starters you'll need to get a flathead screwdriver to carefully turn the gain adjustment and the limit adjustment on the gyro. i personally dont' run a gyro on any of my cars with front CVD's (or turn gain down to 0 when i put front cvd's in)
Thanks for the response refirendum. Yes I'm using the front one way and the wide angle cvd's and the yes it's the Sakura CS.
Looks like im gonna have to look into some new pulley gears and do some maths lol

Also since this is an intro Im Dan from fredericton NB