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Full Version: Hello from AZ
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Hello everyone! Im new to the RC drift and hobby. Still havent purchased a chasis.. just been researching on them the goods and bads. Hopefully soon i can purchase the one i like and enjoy it. I do enjoy modding cars in real life. currently own a GT86 turbo'd/stanced. awesome car. but that is what ill be looking to do with an RC model, to make it a Mini look a like and drift it :) hope to get helpful info and such from everyone on here. thank you
Welcome to DM. What area of Arizona are you in? I'll be moving to the Phoenix area in a few months.
Thank you. Im in Surprise to be exact, any specific location your moving to in Phx ?
Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert...any place within reasonable driving distance to Phoenix.
Not too picky right now, as long as it's in a decent neighborhood. lol
Welcome from another Phx Az guy!! I'm in north phx close to the 101 & i17 area.
Any good shops around here to get a sprint 2 or similar ? still trying to find a good site to buy mod parts and chasis
welcome to DM!

you can research MST ms01D RTR. its a awesome chassis.
Getsideways - there are atleast 3 or 4 of getting together to drift this Sunday the 8th. Shoot me a PM if your interested in stopping by.

Most of the local shops normally carry the sprint 2. Our local valley group (Speed Junkies AZ chapter) has a big variety of chassis running. Everything from my Frankenstein build, yokomos, d3, and more. I would recommend deciding which style of drifting your after ie: 50/50, Counter steer, or RWD. Then pick a chassis based on that style. Just don't get an e10, Lol. We have 2 of them great for kids but not for anyone that wants to try and dial in their drifter, very limited aftermarket parts selection imho.
If you go the MST route there is an awesome site ( blackstarhobbies.com) they have a lot of the parts and ship fast. They are based in Florida, I live in NM and I get my stuff from them in about 3 days, around 4 as of late due to that snow/ice storm going through the areas in that direction.