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Full Version: hello
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hello just start drifting trying to choose right chassis im stuck between choosing sakura d3 and tc4
Man if you can go with a MST. If you can't get the fs-01d which is front motor like the Sakura then go with the ms-01d. They have many upgrades that aren't crazy expensive and you can buy already upgraded kits. I highly suggest these chassis. I started with a sprint 2 flux and about a month or two later went to MST ms pro. I'm not trying to diss the Sakura or tc4 since I have never driven one, but I know MST. If you live in the United States check out blackstarhobbies.com great price ,great shipping( free over 75$ spent) great customer service, and fast shipping. If you are somewhere else the is maxspeedtechnology.co.uk and many other sites. I would look into these as well is all I'm really saying. What electronics you plan on running and what surface?

mst ms-01d looks pretty sweet i save up some more and get that one are there rtr packages any good
Personally I'm not sure. I know the bodies are tamiya and those tend to be nice. But besides that no idea. One thing for sure though get brushless and you will want a better servo at some point. The rtr servos are slow and you want something fast. Something that runs .10 or lower. My servo runs at .08. Those number are the milliseconds it takes to go from neutral to full lock.

thanks for the help and info
No problem man.

welcome to DM!

yeah get the MST ms01d RTR i suggest :)