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Full Version: Hi everyone, from Chile
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My name is Pedro. I live in Santiago, Chile.
I started drifting with a Tamiya TT01 but sold it to buy my actual chassis, a Sakura d3 from 3Racing.
I am actually working on an HPI 69 Mustang, The RTR-X version. I bought the clear body and some stealth mounts but I still haven,t painted it.
I have 3 questions,
First, Would double sided tape be sticky enough to hold the magnets to the body? (From the stealth mounts)
Has anyone tried backing the paint with plastidip? I think it might add some durability to the paint job
Lastly, Is Testors paint any good? I understand that Pactra was Testors property but is this paint good? (look at the picture)

Thanks everyone