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Full Version: Aloha from New England!
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Aloha everybody. I'll try to keep this short. I got the RC drift bug 3 years ago and  began my journey  with a Sakura S Zero, my first build. I jammed with it for just over a year before I had to store it all away due to much bigger obligations. Well, for almost a year and a half now, all I've done is stare at my toy and to occupy some off time from daddy duty, built a roller, a Sakura CS Sport. Anyways, I'm now working with a guy I've known for some years and he's an RC junkie! Planes, heli's, trucks, buggies, drones and now drifters(yup, that was me, lol). That said, we decided to go through the learning process together. I was doing pretty good during that year I was practicing, but being away for so long, well, it's a skill that diminishes over time. But I've got a problem now. It seems after such a long period of just sitting, my motor, an EZRUN 9T, won't turn over. I have no idea why. I did keep up with my LiPo's. Every couple of months I made sure to check them and  kept them in "storage" mode. Never actually put them on the car, but I almost think now that I should have. Anyways, I was setting up  my ESC all over again, an EZRUN 35A-SL and that motor isn't "beeping" back at me like it should. It's not seized. My ESC is drawing power, the fan engages, the red/green lights do as they should during the setup and afterwards. Sorry if I'm not too technical all. My friend tells me it could possibly be my batteries, but I don't see how that is, I'm pretty certain I maintained them right, I use a Turnigy Enercell-6 for my Turnigy 2S LiPo's. I think I can narrow it down to  3 things. 1) it's not drawing power via the ESC 2) the ESC is not passing on that power due to bad connections(which doesn't make sense. it seems to work fine and hasn't been handled in a year and a half) and 3) the motor for some reason is just plain dead. I'm at a loss and could use some guidance. Well, I'm off to bed. Looking forward to being part of this community and mahalo  for any suggestions in advance.