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Full Version: Hello from Down Under
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Hello all,
Happy to be here
Ive been playing with all kinds of rc's for over 20 years but never a proper drift car/chassic
My 6yr son is following in his old mans hobby but want a drift car and so here I am
Welcome to driftmission

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Welcome! I would say MST but for your 6yo boy I'd start with a sprint 2 sport, maybe. I mean MST ms rtr would probably be best out of the box drift specific chassis for a beginner. The sprint 2 takes a little work to be good. Honestly go with the rtr ms01d its plastic but it is very sturdy. Just a little on the pricey side at $300 usd.

Welcome to the forum.
MST would be a good choice as they do a RTR model aswell.
Check out http://www.mrcplaza.com.au