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Full Version: Hi there!
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Hi there all,
My name is Kaan, from Turkey.
Been in the hobby over 10 years, mainly electric 1:10 onroads, but also electric 1:8 buggy and gas 1:5 buggy for a while.
Was away from hobby the last couple of years, but finally decided to go back with a 1:10 onroad drifting car (OTA R31D, you will see the build pictures in the forum soon) and a 1:8 ofroad buggy.
I am expecting to learn a hell out in here, as I see most of the old drift forums (except for this one) are unfortunately not active any more.
Welcome to Drift Mission.
Nice choice in chassis.
I noticed that a lot of drift forums have shut down when I got back into drifting. I think Facebook has a bit to do with it due to the groups etc. on there.
aaaaa.. so what do you guys recommend to follow other than this forum?
Msuk has a drift section, nearly all uk guys but plenty of knowledge throughout the whole site for everything rc