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Full Version: Another newbie
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Hello all,

Bought myself a hpi sprint last year to mess about with for fun and started to get into rc drifting. All the electrics died on me after constant use so upgraded everything to hpi parts, motor, esc, servo, etc because it was a random collection of bits before.

Haven't used it in a while but getting back into it and I'm looking at upgrading to a better controller and also some aluminium sprint 2 parts that I think will fit.

Here's some pictures of it at the moment, excuse the tyres, decided to take it out when it was icy and with the plastic tyres on it wouldn't move.

[Image: 0171d1997888717ef3b09c86297aaffc.jpg]

[Image: 93f8747477ee43ae9f070f8f12beb852.jpg]

Can anyone recommend a quicker servo? My hpi one is ok but not brilliant.


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Welcome to Drift Mission. Nice to hear you are having fun.
What's your budget on a new servo? Where you after a full size or short servo?