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Full Version: seasoned vet back as a noob
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hey all
been out of the scene here in australia for a long time and thought it was time to hit it up once again
i used to drift a modded tt01 and wanted a challenge so....

decided enough was enough and bought a sakura d3 chassis kit

im completly lost but thats part of the fun lol

hope not to annoy you all to much with question(there will be lots lol)

cheers for having us

welcome back :P which part of town r u at?
hahah cheers bro
im in cragieburn ...you mate?

i have a silly question but my motor didnt come with wiring(turnigy) and im lost as to

-wire size and what connectors i need (should use) so i can remove if need be
Cragie's a tad far from Westside or Monash mobs... :)

What exact motor & ESC are you wiring up?

Usually 14 or 16g wire is plenty for 10.5/13.6/17.5T motors, maybe a 14g for the battery cables.

Yeah you can buy small bullet/"Corally" type plugs for the motor trio, usually i solder the male end onto the motor tabs and the tube end onto the wires. Different companies offer slightly different plugs; some are straight & some can be used 90deg which is sometimes handy.
I used 14g for the motor to ESC and I believe the battery uses 16g. 14g all around would cover your basis for anything to put in the car. I purchased a cheetah motor/ESC combo from rcMart and I would choose another if I did it all over again. It was a sensored version, but he motor leads were not going to fit in the car, so I had to remove them and hard solder wires to the motor and the sensor cable was too short so I had to purchase a 200mm sensor cable.
im running a hobbywing 120a sensored esc and ive got a 3.5t and a 10.5t
i ordered 14gauge wiring and 3.5 gold connectors hoping this would be enough as i want to make a super clean setup

i also bought a mst fxx kit last night to setup a rwd chasiss for indoors
wanted best of both worlds
Hey David there are a few of us new guys on here got Sakura D3's so we hope to all help each other out... I just checked out the MST FXX and it looks cool... What made you pick that model? It's a rear wheel drive shaft driven chassis with odd looking suspension at the front... It's a front motor mount too with the shaft going all the way back feeding the rear wheels through a oil filled differential gearbox by the look of it?
What have you seen/heard about RWD drifting that makes you want to get into that too? Just curious in case I'm missing something lol :)
RWD is the next step that everyone is taking since we got over the fact that it's OK to use a Gyro lol.

I'm grabbing a TT02 FRD but like David said having one of each isn't a horrible idea.

There are heaps of D3 write ups here and around the web, it's almost the ubiquitous starter car and has heaps of tuning potential.
ive shelved the d3 as i have fallen inlove with my mst and its build and mod quality lol

but i will come back to it soon enough