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Full Version: Drift Track Materials?
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Hi everyone,

Been too long since I last posted. Looking at building a drift track (for the first time) and I am having a hard time finding the right materials.

The plan is to use a gym like floor and use materials from Home Depot to create the grass, barriers, lines and (red/white) corners.  

Been perusing the threads here and it's mainly existing tracks w/o material lists.

Any input on materials that have been used would be greatly appreciated.  
this going to be a permanent track?
Eagle racing and boom racing make exactly the same markers so it may be worth price matching
If your budget conscious, I've used white vertical blinds with red duct tape wrapped around every few inches for the Red/White Lines on a track. Very easy to do and you can cut them to any size. The blinds weigh enough to stay on the ground without very much movement and the cars just drive over them without moving them. If there is windy day you just add some weight to the ends of it to keep it from moving.

I forgot to mention its a very cheap alternative and you can get quite a lot of coverage with just 1 vertical blind pack. If I remember home depot sells the white blinds for around $20 or so (even cheaper at places like walmart). One pack is enough to cover over 100 feet of track.
Here is picture of my makeshift backyard track with the vertical blinds to give you an idea of what it looks like.
[Image: track.jpg]