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Full Version: RC Drift Wheels
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These are some of my favorites, what are yours?
Vertex RC RG-D

Overdose Work Emotion CR Kiwami

Top-line DRS-10 Jupiters by Sobaya
I love these wheels

Spice te37

RC ART Evolve GF-R (these are my go to wheels)
At the moment I'm using a lot of TopLine wheels and I really like them a lot. They are very tough, look good and have a deep hex so no problem if you need to space them out a bit.  

[Image: 1024-4.jpg]

I would recommend using original wheels only, not the clone crap from R2hobbies and similar shops. Sure, there might be a few good clones around (I have a set that's still good after lots of bashing) but in the end it is not that much cheaper than the real stuff and taking the risk of breaking them for a few bucks isn't worth it IMO. + Supporting the original makers is always good, so they can create more awesome designs. Remember that R&D costs a LOT!
Workmeister S1 [Image: 396720_3876521919528_1049574752_n.jpg]
Some of my favorites in no particular order  
RC ART Evolve GF-R
[Image: DSC_4296.jpg]

Spice TE37 SL unfortunately they seem to be quite weak but i love the look  
[Image: DSC_4541.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4949.jpg]

Work Emotion  
[Image: DSC_3603.jpg]
[Image: 982C037A-1DE7-4C5F-8110-FB90535D8116-147...770CEA.jpg]

All time Favourite OD Rims
MST 5 Spoke Green +8mm
[Image: img3713g.jpg]


Yokomo Work Emotion XD9 +8mm
[Image: img2914v.jpg]


Overdose Work Gnosis +7mm
[Image: img3252tz.jpg]
Yes MST wheels rock!
[Image: MST-BBS-Wheels-and-Tires-Review-6-620x350.jpg]
i put in WORK!   B)
[Image: iputinwork.jpg]
One of my newest favourite wheels.

[Image: 338161357.jpg]

TopLine Blitz 03's
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