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Full Version: Steering knuckle set up
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On the sprint 2 and most other cars the steering knuckle has multiple holes to place the ball studs. What difference does placement make? Ive moved from the inside to outside and back and I dont feel or see any difference. Where do you guys run them and why? What are the advantages or disadvantages?

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where the ball is located changes a few things on steering. Mainly on a sprint 2 it will effect ackerman and steering throw.
Thats what I expected to hear but i see no benefits to either position of the stud

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well 0 ackerman is ideal for drifting.

Whys that?

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the less ackerman you have, the less drag you have from the follow wheel which means you can carry more speed and direct the power/grip towards your lateral speed rather than having the car fight itself.

Ackerman makes it more difficult to keep the car smooth as both wheels are pointed different directions.

lots of good articles on it if you're interested in learning more.
Ok thanks ill do some research

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