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Full Version: M-06 Drift Set up.
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Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any experience in drifting this chassis?

ive just picked one up. Running 10.5t brushless motor, esc, lipo, and some drift wheels.

Going to the track tonight to see how i get on.
I'd love to see this! Especially with a ABC Celica body ❤
(07-02-2015, 10:01 AM)Chiefy707 Wrote: [ -> ]I'd love to see this! Especially with a ABC Celica body [HEAVY BLACK HEART]

Agreed! I have always wondered myself

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Cheers Guys, Well i had it at the track last night.... and needless to say it was a mess.

It seemed to want to spin at the slightest touch of the steering. with my ESC and motor it almost felt like the car had too much power.

I test fitted a Gyro and wasnt much help....

Im determined to make it work though. heres my inspiration... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl0BdXn_ji8 this is an m-06 chassis with mods. Not sure what mods though.

Any one any thoughts? i have seen a mod on another m chassis to get crazy lock, and thought this might help just need to figure out if it will suit the m-06.
I realise this is a crazy thread resurrection but........
I have this chassis, just done the c hub deletion which was pretty straightforward, looking at changing to a single front shock to give the font wheels more room. Getting the balance 50/50 should be relatively simple with some weights, then a gyro to assist with steering.
Wondering if anyone else made any progress with the chassis?